Our Products

Glued laminated timber has many benefits including greater strength and stiffness than comparably sized solid timber.

Increased design values, improved product performance, and cost competitiveness make glulam applications the superior choice for architects, engineers and the construction industry alike.

To learn more about the benefits of laminated roof decking and to view design values go to www.lockdeck.com

Our Services

In addition to Lock-Deck and custom glulam beams, we offer numerous re-manufacturing services including:

  • Custom milling to pattern
  • Surfacing
  • Double-end trimming & end matching up to 20′ lengths
  • Re-sawing
  • Finger-jointing
  • Face laminating
  • Edge gluing
  • Ripping
  • Sanding
  • Pre-staining
  • Circle Saw
  • Wire Brush
  • Vinyl Brush